Whether you respect the amazing role of advertising that can change the phase of your business or busy charting a media plan for your client’s next project, you can’t disregard the power of outdoor branding that takes your brand from street right through to the points-of-purchase. It is a proven global phenomenon that no other medium can convert a product or service into a brand as cost-efficiently as Outdoor. Learning from the market vacuum in the Middle East with the lack of an organized market for out-of-home solutions for the small and medium class brands, Grafiks International has taken initiative to organize the various outdoor options into an easy to use online portal, www.instoremasters.com. We express our gratefulness for your kind time spent at InstoreMasters, the sourcing instruMeant for brand professionals.

Power of Outdoor – The ‘Memorable Media’

- Superior Visibility: The only advertising medium that has continuous presence 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days a year and reaches the audience comparing the other media that makes it impractical and unaffordable, such as TV or other above the line media. Unlike a newspaper advertising that appears once a week, TV commercial ad that is on and gone in 40 or 50 seconds, or a radio ad struggling to be heard - Outdoor stands alone differently. Every ad stands in its own right there every day and seen for the passers-by. An outdoor visual in a good location can have more attention than any other type of Media.

- Remarkable Demography: It is proven that people in the Middle East region spent more time in their vehicle than reading news papers or watching TV. Throughout the Arabian peninsula, the traffic is ever increasing, for eg. 4 Million vehicle trips are made everyday in Riyadh city.

- Media Versatility: Whether you are driving past in a car, standing in a bus shelter and waiting or boarding a flight, outdoor is there to entertain, communicate and stimulate your senses. Outdoor advertising is extremely easy to target a specific market or a specific category of audience. Yet, it is easy planning a budget with such ample media options, such as; Media type: Unipole, Roof-top Hoarding, Backlit and Frontlit Inkjet Scaffolding Sign Board, Mupi Poster Signs, Megacom Posters, Scrolling and Prisma Signage, Digital Signage Network, LED Screen, Rental Inflatables, Bridge Sign,Light Pole Signs, Fleet Commercial, Bus Advertising, Taxi Advertising, Building Wrap, Street Furniture, Building Premises Signs, Shopping Mall Signs,… Location: Airports, Highways, Stadiums, Streets, Shopping Malls, Waiting Lounges, Events…

- Lowest CPI: Outdoor advertising is the cheapest cost medium based on its Cost Per Impression ratio comparing many other common advertising options. Add to the fact that you can make your campaign even more cheaper provided your planning done well for type of media and location, based on the demography need of your brand message.

- No cost to viewers: Outdoor Advertising is free to its viewers, unlike magazines, news papers, cable television that need be paid to you’re your advertisement.

- A Fact for planners: With no other medium so, it has been researched that using a brand icon in an outdoor advertisement makes it 40% more memorable than with using no brand icon.

www.InstoreMasters.com, being placed at top for its contribution in the advertising industry by professional and focused approach in the Middle East and North Africa region (Dubai, UAE l Riyadh, Saudi Arabia l Manama, Bahrain l Doha, Qatar l Manama, Bahrain l Kuwait l Jeddah, KSA l Cairo, Egypt l Beirut, Lebanon l Amman, Jordan l Damascus, Syria l Istanbul, Turkey l Khartoum, Sudan l Lagos, Nigeria l Tehran, Iran l Baghdad, Iraq l Mumbai, India l Moscow, Russia l Colombo, Srilanka l Dhaka, Bangladesh l Karachi, Pakistan) and our partners and associates are spread across the Far East, European Union and the US.

Unipole Signs

Unipole, a sign structure fabricated on a single steel pole, is considered to be one of the most preferred outdoor media, installed on high-ways, airport roads, busy streets and most suitable for reminder media campaigns.

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Roof-top Billboards

Most countries in the Middle East allow advertising signs installed on the top of the roof of buildings. A carefully planned media campaign can use this outdoor medium for the best of ROI if compared with other outdoor options.

Product variants: Advertising Sign Media, Outdoor sign Location, Roof top Outdoor signs, Building top Bill Boards, Outdoor Bill Boards, Mobile Billboards, Digital Billboards, Electronic Roof Top Billboards, Tower Billboard advertising Media, Roof Top Billboard Advertising Locations.

Scaffolding Signs

Most commonly seen in busy roads of major cities of the Arabian Gulf, Scaffolding signs are highly eye-catching large-format inkjet printed advertising visuals, installed on sides of road at an eye-level of the passers-by.

Product variants: Highly Visible Out-Side Promotion Location, Highway Scaffolding Signs Site, Traffic Islands Scaffolding Signs, Large-Format Printed Advertising Signage Location, Gigantic Signs On Highway Side, Outdoor Promotion Location, Inkjet Sign Installing Location.

Motion Hoardings

Statistics shows that multiple-faced signs, such as Trivision, Scrolling, LED, etc… are 600% more visible compared to a static sign. It turns heads and more importantly becomes significant when targeting outdoor public.

Product variants: Outfield Walls Signage, Outdoor Advertising Space, Tri-Vision Locations, Exterior Wall Tri-Vision Advertising, Bus Station Pillar Led Signs, Cost Effective Motion Advertising Location, Shopping Mall Scrolling Signage, Exhibition Hall, Traffic Islands, Theatre Led Signs, Multiple-Faced Signs Location, Space For Scrolling Sign.

Mupi Signs

Seen common in almost all cities of the GCC, installed in the divider of one-way roads, Mupi signs are one of the best outdoor form of media for advertisers who need to launch a product or keep reminding a brand to a common public.

Product variants: Mupi Signs Location, Mupi Outdoor Advertising Sites, Highway Hoarding Location, Airport Advertising Media Space, Road Side Advertising, Highway Dividers, One-Way Road Side Ads, Bus Bay Signage, Foot Path Advertising Area, Shopping Center Mupi Signs.

Megacomm Signs

With almost similar nature of Mupi signs, Megacomms are yet with more gigantic poster size at traffic signals and important intersections. We provide various packages for country-wide campaigns or choose from a-la-carte schedules.

Product variants: Airport Advertising Media Space, Traffic Islands, Megacomm Signs Location, Megacom Outdoor Advertising Sites, Highway Hoarding Place, Road Side Advertising, Gigantic Signs On Highway Dividers, One-Way Road Side Ads, Bus Bay Megacomm Signs, Foot Path Advertising Area.

LED Digital Signage Network

Large-format LED hoarding are installed at important intersections of major cities by prominent media companies throughout the region, and you have now the luxury of choosing your preferred locations from the Network.

Product variants: Roadside LED Digital Sign Locations, Street-Level Retail Locations, Shopping Centers, Convenience Stores, Storefront LED Signage, On-Site Advertising Medium, Gas Stations LED Signage Space, Railway Station LED Digital Sign Network, Air Port Media Location.

Bridge Signs

Take benefit of the high-traffic highways and streets through these highly visible bridge-signs. Browse through our category page to book available locations of this fast moving form of outdoor advertising media in the GCC.

Product variants: Airport Road Advertising Location, Overpass Signs Site, Fly Over Advertising, Highway Bridge Sign Spot, High-Traffic Street Bridge Sign Location, Cost Effective Outdoor Advertising Location, Well Observable Advertising Areas, Highly Visible Outdoor Promotion Location.

Lamp Post Signs

Lamp Posts are specialized media locations owned by a limited few media owners at strategic locations of major cities of the region. These are small format yet powerful media to justify the best cost per impression ratio.

Product variants:Street Lamp Post Advertising Location, Cost Effective Advertising Media Location, On-Site Advertising Medium, Road Side Advertising, Highly Visible Outside Promotion Location, Highly Visible Publicity Spot, Light Pole Signs Locality, Cheap Outdoor Advertising Media Location.

Skypoles / Pylons

We offer Skypoles and rented Pylons as specialized outdoor media in limited locations of a few cities. These are considered as premium media by stylishness of structural design, quality of visibility and limited locations to dispense.

Product variants: Cost Effective Skypoles Advertising Location, Highly Eye-Catching Outdoor Promotion Location, Outdoor Promotion Space, High-Traffic Highway Side Advertising, Foot Path Pylons Advertising Area, Passageway Ad Location, Well Observable Advertising Areas.

Bus Wrap Ad

Bus-wrap advertising can make your campaign highly cost-effective with millions of quality impressions. They are usually 40 feet long and 12 feet tall. Statistics says 91% people notice words & pictures when displayed on bus.

Product variants:Bus Media Advertising Specializes, Road Tour Marketing, Vinyl Bus Wrap, Complete External Bus Wrap, Digitally Wrapped Bus Advertising, Full Bus Wraps And Liveries, Shuttle Wrap Program, Budget Bus Wraps, High Quality Ad Wraps, Vehicle Graphics Company, Ad Space.

Taxi Wrap Ad

Comparable closely to bus-wrap, an effective visual of a car wrap can take your message 24/7 through out a targeted city. Our associates with huge fleet of Taxis can make your client appreciate your thoughtfulness for them.

Product variants: Ad Space, Taxi Media Advertising Specializes, Vinyl Cab Wrap, Complete External Taxi Wrap, Digitally Wrapped Taxi Advertising, Full Taxi Wraps And Liveries, Shuttle Wrap Program, Economy Auto Wraps, High Quality Ad Wraps, Road Tour Marketing, Vehicle Graphics Company.

Building Wrap Ad

It is the recent highly successful innovation at OOH industry. Whether it’s to convert your corporate building to a mammoth visual or need to rent tower-like locations for a massive ad message, please click our request form.

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Ad Inflatables

Usually seen at roof-tops of small buildings and at outdoor events, Inflatables are low-cost high impact advertising medium with absolute mobility and re-usability. Ask us for airships and blimps for indoor or outdoor ad.

Product variants: Outdoor Advertising, Marketing Air Balloons, Advertising Inflatables, Roof top Inflatables, Indoor Promotion Airships & Blimps, Air blown inflatables, event balloons, giant Balloon advertising, marketing balloons, Inflatable Displays, Giant Helium Ad Balloons, Inflatable Space Agency.

Inflatable Banners

These are custom designed media suitable for temporary mega displays outdoor. You may add Inflatable Banners to your own media basket and benefit form its surprisingly high profit margin or hire it from rental companies.

Product variants: Outdoor Inflatable Displays, Mega helium balloon Banners, Portable hot-air balloon Signs, Mobile Inflatable Billboards, Advertising rental Inflatable Banners, Tube Inflatable Signs, custom promotional airbrush, Inflatable banner sign locations, Media Space Agencies.

Shopping Mall Media

Mall advertising is ideal for generating brand recognition near point-of-purchase where the 70% of purchase decisions are made. We offer strategic locations such as entrances, food courts, escalators, anchor stores, etc…

Product variants: Shopping Center Advertising Location, LCD Advertising Site, LED Advertising, Mall TV, Highly Eye-Catching Shopping Mall Promotion Location, On-Site Advertising Medium, Mall Front LED Signage, Digital Signage Net Works, Media Promotional Areas.

Digital Signage Network

Today no other ad medium is so versatile and promising indoor. Whether it is at retail, airports, cafes, hospitals, universities, corporate offices or even at gas stations, these sign networks give you the best ROI ever.

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Innovative Indoor

Contemporary mediums such as digital 3D signs, Interactive digital screens, etc. have emerged as dynamic premium options to stand-out and created revolution in the indoor media industry. Ask for more, send us your inquiry.

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Innovative Outdoor

Motion displays of different techniques such as LED Pylons, large-format Lenticular, 3D hoardings, large scrolling signs, internally illuminated Trivision signs, etc. are a few of the many innovations you can discuss with us.

Tags: Outdoor Ad Media Techniques, Motion Displays, Innovative LED Pylons & Scrolling Signs, Outdoor Ad media space, Road side & Trivision Ads, LED Display Solutions, Outdoor Advertising Medium, Media Consultancy, Promotional vacant sites, outdoor commercial solutions.

Street Furniture

Public toilets, bus stop shelters, telephone booths, public utility kiosks & columns, waste bins, etc. are a few of the bespoke media locations that can give visibility to common public par with a top ROI at outdoor.

Tags: Benches Advertising, Post Boxes, Phone Boxes Advertising, Streetlamps Ad Signs, Street Lighting Marketing Signage, Bus Stops Advertising, Taxi Stands, Public Lavatories, Leading Outdoor Advertising Location, Bus Shelters, Highly Visible Publicity Spot.

Mobile Billboard

As an effective roaming media that gathers millions of impressions on the go, mobile billboards are learnt to be noticed by 91% and can dramatically increase visibility when the display is of LED, Scrolling, Trivision, etc.

Tags: Traditional Advertising Areas, Mobile Billboard Great Location, Coastal Locations, Targeted Outdoor Mobile Billboards Location, Budget Media Ad Location, Truck Billboard Advertising, Highly Effective Advertising Medium, Outfield Walls Signage, Mobile Ad Space

Bus Shelter

Bus stop shelters are the most prominent among all other street furnitures that has high visibility due to its repeat communication as it features mostly a regular audience. We invite partners for this media and takers as well.

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Taxi Sign Network

These are small LCD screens inside Taxis and powered by a ‘digital in-taxi signage network’ with thousands of screens spread through multiple Taxi operators in a particular region, with flexibility to choose your target cities.

Tags: Taxi Roof Sign, Multidisciplinary Design Network, Taxi Top Light, Taxi-Cab Network, Minicab LCD Digital Signage Network, Taxi LCD Digital Signage System, Cost Effective Outdoor Advertising Location, Highly Effective Advertising Location, In-Taxi Marketing Setting.

Partner Inquiries

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